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Lajos Sitas

engeltunes is music that has been especially created for People who work with Angels and Angel-Energies. Its Smoothly created sound allows the listener to experience their spiritual path and inspiration to develop themselves.

„I combine the subtle energy of all positive Intentions and the essence of pure love that comes from my heart, their combination has created this special engeltunes – Sound.“

This specialised sound allows the mind to reach stillness, peace and openness to provide a unique possibility of reaching higher dimensons and to receive guiding inner messages.
Lajos Sitas

Lajos Sitas was born on the 12.01.1969 in Kovin (former Yugoslavia) as the son of Erzébet (born: Kis) and Albert Sitas. At the age of five his parents relocated from the former Vojvodina to Bavaria (Germany). It was here, in Bavaria, where he lived and grew up with his younger sister, Lucia, who is six years his junior.

As a young boy, Lajos loved to sing to all of the songs by the famous swedish pop group ABBA, Lajos memorised these songs which he heard on the radio. His parents could see that Lajos had an extraordinary talent for music and presented him with an accordion as a gift for his 9th birthday. The accordion became the introduction to music that he had been waiting for, creating a wonderful partnership between man and instrument, them bought the best out of each other.

At the age of 17 years Lajos founded a Teen-Band with his best friend and his brother. First stage experiences he gathered as musician on charity events and street parties. With growing interest he learned other instruments on his own like piano, guitar, bass and percussions.

Beside his training in electronics he always kept his hobby alive to perform consistently on the weekends with his Band.

The understanding for music and his technical interest motivated him to absolve a private school as Audio Engineer on the SAE in Munich. Through this he obtained his know-how for professional music productions and worked in the field of music and soundengineering as his regular occupation. Over the years he looked after big political, medical and economical events.

The birth of his two children Pia and Paula gave him in private fulfilment and spur even today his artistic work.

2004 the musician and Producer Peter Berliner, »CICCO-Records crossed his ways. This fateful meeting opened his senses for the genre of the New-Age and Worldmusic. He is partner and a good friend with the stageproject “blue room” of Peter Berliner. Together they used to perform reguarly on the well known Rainbow-Spirit-Dance Festival. Peter Berliner developed a unique concept to perform meditative music live on the stage.

Due to this influence Lajos discovered the spiritual thought in musics. Meanwhile he composes own music among other things for the Angel-Meditations of »Isabelle von Fallois (Angel Life Coach) and »Dr. Roy Martina (Life-Coach and holistic preventive doctor).

For Dr. Roy Martina and the KOHA-Verlag Lajos did the work as musical director and german speaker on “The Secrets Mising Links” (CD to the book). Further on he is responsible for the sound technical support at the Omega-Health-Coach Seminars of the “Roy Martina Experience” and does other studioproductions for them.


August 2008 Lajos’ attitude to life has changed fundamentally. Through spiritual encounters Lajos enhanced his awarenes, which let him recognize his musical potential in a new way: In dreams he manifested Angel-Melodies which led him to create his unique engeltunes.

In Dezember 2008 arose thereof his Debútalbum: »SNOWFLAKE”!

engeltunes comes into being intuitively and is carried by the influnence of his work with the Archangel Energies. With grand carefulness and the leading of his feelings particular sound works comes out.

For a friendly world in the light of love

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